Martin Henck Advanced Remedial, Sports & Therapeutic Massage Therapist will help bring you out of pain & stress and maintain a sense of well being. 

I have been working in Livingston, West Lothian, for over 20 years where my clinic is based.  I am a Professional  Therapist and are members of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO).


Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation
Martin & Jennifer Henck Massage Therapists
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"I have known Martin & Jennifer Henck for over 15 years. For 13 years of our friendship they have been my therapists. They both offer an in depth understanding to human physiology. But they bring much more than qualifications and professional training to sessions. They bring healing, a sense of well being, spiritual balance, and honesty. On a personal level they have brought me equilibrium in body, mind, and spirit which have helped in my athletic career and personal life." —Colin Meek 

Martin offers the following therapies:

  • Advanced Remedial Massage
  • Sports Injury & Maintenance Massage Therapy
  • Scar Tissue release



"There are only a few Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) therapists in the UK and fortunate that Martin is one. I struggle with some yoga poses (asanas) and am not motivated (well have time) to practise more than two yoga sessions per week, the optimum is 3 times a week they say. Regular hour sessions with Martin has made up that 3rd yoga  session and helped a lot to my hip and lower back mobility. We are working on my immobile upper body currently." -- Paul

"I have been having regular massage from Jennifer for a recurrent neck problem. These have proved to be very beneficial and relieve my pain. Jennifer always treats me with the utmost respect and completely understands my needs. Thank You Jennifer." -- Senga Wallace


Martin Henck Advanced Remedial, Sports & Therapeutic Massage  Therapist

23 Kirkfield West Livingston Village, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7BD

01506493404, Martin 07713630475